UNDAGOD®  is my testimony in life...it is my witness to the World. I came about from my license plate and it means Under GOD.

Why is UNDAGOD®  my perfect witness? Because GOD has been so good to me in good time and even in the bad times that turned out GOOD for me in the end. I’m not perfect but HE still LOVES me the same. "HE sees the depths of my heart and HE loves me the same!" The lessons I've learned made it possible for me to GROW on! My faith in HIM pulls me through. However, my life nor my faith have been easy, but through every struggle I get closer to HIM! I've grown and learned that Faith Makes Things POSSIBLE, NOT EASY...I have to just Trust GOD!

UNDAGOD means: Salvation, Love, Forgiveness, Healing, Redemption,  Help, Restoration, Faith, Works, Freedom, Hope, Grace, Fellowship & Mercy.
Most importantly, UNDAGOD®  is what our Nation is built on. We've come so far being a Nation UNDAGOD®  , yet we are trying to take GOD out of everything. In order to avoid offending SOME, we take GOD out of Schools, Holidays and even trying to take Him out of our Declaration of Independence and off our Money, and we wonder why our Nation is falling. Take the MAKER out and we can do nothing but with HIM we can do ANYTHING (Matthew 19:26).
This is my perfect witness because all my imperfections and broken pieces, with GOD these things give me my testimony. As long as GOD resides in us HE is everywhere. Wearing UNDAGOD® Apparel is a personal proclamation that You can take GOD out of everything else but you CAN'T take GOD out of me! This is my witness, let it be yours

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